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Volunteer Engagement Survey Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Morgan Martin
Hello Bala!
Bala Subramanian
hi Morgan Martin
Gregory Halprin
please remind me what VEI stands for
Stephanie Pasche
Volunteer Engagement Index
Morgan Martin
thank you!
Gina Currence Alago
@Gregory, here is a link in the support center, from last year, for more information.
Gina Currence Alago
Morgan Martin
Thank you!
Nicoleta Radu
Anyone knows the response to the question in the Q&A?
Morgan Martin
Let's wait and ask it out loud :)
Nicoleta Radu
sounds good!
Morgan Martin
but they would be in general volunteer I believe
William Nicolai
yes, what but does VEI mean, what is Vol Engagement Index... what does it indicate? is it how we score on the surveys to the cleints?
Morgan Martin
The Volunteer Engagement Index (VEI) mean score is an aggregate of the 6 engagement questions on a 5 point Likert Scale.I would recommend SCORE to friends and family as a great place to volunteer.I intend to continue volunteering with SCORE for at least another 12 monthsI am proud to be associated with SCOREMy fellow volunteers are passionate about providing outstanding client serviceI understand how my role contributes to the success of SCOREMy fellow volunteers are willing to go beyond what is expected for the success of SCORE
William Nicolai
Thanks, I did not know that! Well said, and much appreciated
John Sundean
average volunteer doesn't pay much attention to what happens outside their chapter
William Nicolai
the three diversity groups, Hispanic, women, and African American sub groups have been super - I have gained a lot in terms of camaraderie and networking, and just the engagements has been super. Each meet monthly via zoom - thx for the initiative.
Don Pelka
I suspect many volunteers think their profile is current but may not be aware that it might not be "complete" as defined by SCORE
William Nicolai
As with LinkedIn, if there is a way of indicating "what it takes" to have a more complete profile should work - is this possible?
William Nicolai
Ie LinkedIn tells you what is important or what is not so important in order to have a complete profile, and give you a % grade! I loved it when I was networking.
Morgan Martin
That's a great suggestion William! We will ask this question out loud so Doug can share the National Advisory Council and Engage teams progress on profile improvements like you mention
Morris Wallack
the profile improvement project gave answers to Nicolai's question about what a good profile includes and doesn't include
Rakesh Chandra
are all volunteers invited to this session ?
Morgan Martin
Yes all volunteers are invited to this and the recording will be posted to the Support Center later today as well
Rakesh Chandra
thanks Morgan... is it possible to get who all from my chapter joined !!
Morgan Martin
yes, Please email me and I can share the attendance list with you
Morris Wallack
Suggestion - a way to easily package Doug's field meetings and other major communication to leadership into an easy to "cascade" to the volunteers may increase persception of National recognition and activities. I suggested a summary and was told that all the webinars are available for playback. That's too much work for chapter chairs. A short PPT deck after meetings with top level summaries would go a long way, perhaps once per quarter, to keep SCORE national inf front of on the ground volunteers.
Sharon Janesak
Morgan, will the slides be available in PowerPoint format?
Morgan Martin
Hi Sharon - Yes the PPT slides will be available after the webinar as well
Morgan Martin
Thank you for your feedback - I'll bring this up out loud during the Q&A
Hello everyone, and nice to be here to hear the feedback!
William Nicolai
For engagement, having the SLATE brochure / documents created in Spanish would be great - the Hispanic networking group is looking for more resources and this one item was strongly recommended; the recruiting brochures in Spanish are excellent! just a thought.
Lisa Zeanah
Do you send Client surveys to all Clients are just Clients that have been counseled?
Jim Weiland
Morgan, Thank You for pushing the info to the Districts,
Nabil Freij
Is it under: NEW VOLUNTEER SURVEYSCORE New Volunteer Survey
Donna Cassese
how do you know what ranking your chapter is in the survey results
Prabhat Kumar
How do the response rate and results of Client Engagement Survey compare with 2021 response rates and results?
Robert Cushman
There were only 30 "champions" in the survey?
Jennifer Lang
Two tricks to search profiles:
Jennifer Lang
1. search the word you want in the top search box on the Engage home page and add the word "volunteer" you'll get all the volunteers with that skill word
Stephanie Pasche
Richard Hamer
Can you ask PWC to add confidence intervals to the VEI estimates so that we can see what a meaningful difference is?
Jennifer Lang
2. Someone should revise/expand the drop down menus in the BIRT report volunteer roster with profiles to add so many of the skills we commonly search
Paul Pellioni
What is the web address that she mentioned at the beginning of her presentation?
Richard Hamer
Will DEI Chapter Champions be included in Morgan's emails?
Catherine Bonser
Can Doug please clarify an early slide that talked about the top middle and bottom, I didn't quite understand what the chart showed, particularly the bottom 25 at 6100. Thanks
Morris Wallack
also consider "national all hands" with leadership optional but accessible
Elizabeth Wallace
One of the reported challenges of Likert scales is that respondents tend to agree to the statements showed. Many of the questions, that I could see, were worded in positive verbiage and that might affect the answer as well. This is called acquiescence bias. Have you looked into or already tried other methods of getting feedback?
Catherine Bonser
Does SCORE National assess any correlations between Client Engagement and Volunteer Engagement Surveys
Will Meikle
Love the analysis on the top 25%, 50%, 75% session 'producers'....how do you do that analysis if the survey is anonymous ?
Lisa Zeanah
What is Neutral?? Why does it count against our Chapter answers as negative? Wouldn't it be better to change it to N/A especially because there are many questions that non-Mentors really can't or shouldn't answer.
Morgan Martin
help.score.org @paul Pellioni
Lisa Zeanah
The answers were very negative and the positive answers were scrolled to the bottom...
John Sundean
Need to take a closer look - but it seemed the feedback from minority volunteers was quite positive. If so, we should revisit the new Culture of Inclusion training video. At about 3:30 mark in the 10 minute video it says: “women and POC do not stay as long as white men. Surveys tell us they feel their opinions are not valued." That statement must make a very negative impression on provisional women and POC volunteers - and seems to be of questionable accuracy as far as survey results. Even the retention point is questionable, as it may correlate more with working volunteers vs retired volunteers.
Elizabeth Wallace
As someone being onboarded now, this was very interesting to learn. Thank you.
John Sundean
great summary, thank you!
Morgan Martin
Thanks for joining us Elizabeth! And for your feedback
Will Meikle
GREAT INFORMATION>>>>please continue this, very valuable for us to take action
Pat Lambert
Thanks Morgan. Great job.