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FY20 Client Engagement Survey Results - Shared screen with speaker view
Field Operations
If you have any questions, please leave them in the Q&A box and we will answer as many as possible at the end of the presentation.
Morgan Martin
Thank you John - we will be able to update this soon.
Tyler Loritsch
Here is the link to the Impact Reports: https://help.score.org/hc/en-us/articles/360049412374
Jim Helfgott
Morgan- one small issue on the Impact reports... they show the chapter title as chapter and the SCORE rather than SCORE and then chapter as is the convention..
Jennifer Lang
Ditto - can't find a chapter's highlights page without going through everything - they're not even alpha!
Morgan Martin
Yes the chapter names were pulled directly from what is in CORE. We can certainly change to the proper convention (email me if you like!), but also wanted to make sure we were creating the impact reports based on what you are known as locally right now.
Morgan Martin
Data is not going to be available because there were less than 5 respondents, so confidentiality would be a concern
Morgan Martin
The impact sheets are sorted by chapter number.
Morgan Martin
Morgan Martin
You can click on the links by chapter number and click on the name to sort
Jennifer Lang
Just looked - 0726 is not on the 701 - 1000 page and the chapter numbers are not in order so I did search through reading each to be sure. . . .pls find ours as we were sending them to contacts this week using 2019!
Morgan Martin
Yes we will send out an email with the presentation, recording, and link to accessing the PwC and impact reports