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CWL- Grow, Optimize & Protect Your Business - Gallery view
Christopher Anderson
Good Morning, joining from Orlando. AE Financial Services.
Lathysha Semper
Good morning everyone!
Bo Harvey SCORE
Welcome to CWL Lathysha!
Sheryl Mays
Please ask questions here in the chat or in the Q & A section>
Bo Harvey SCORE
If you have a question for our speaker or about SCORE, simply tap on the Q&A box at the bottom of your Zoom screen and leave it there for us to field.
Bo Harvey SCORE
Share with the group what industry or vertical you work in today.
David Dodson
Good morning! How much does it cost for the 5-10% of utilizing a fractional CFO if a company is in the growth stage?
David Dodson
Great! Thank you!
Bo Harvey SCORE
Does anyone on the call also consult on a fractional basis?
Bo Harvey SCORE
Sheryl Mays
Now is the time to ensure you have answers to your questions about your business. If you have any definitelt drop them in the chat or Q & A.
Bo Harvey SCORE
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Sheryl Mays
What stage do you consider your business is in today?
Sheryl Mays
Do you mean a consultation?
David Dodson
What tools or resources are available for small business owners to find out about up and coming disrupters or an economic change coming that could affect their business?
Bo Harvey SCORE
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Bo Harvey SCORE
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Sheryl Mays
Thanks bealinda for joining us.
Bo Harvey SCORE
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