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CWL- Eric Shulman, An INside Man - Shared screen with speaker view
Bo Harvey-Moderator
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Eric Shulman
Let us know if you've got any specific prospecting questions you need addressed and we'll try to answer them in the next hour for you
Bo Harvey-Moderator
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Bo Harvey-Moderator
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SaVita Brooks
Interesting. I love that 1 question concept.
SaVita Brooks
Committing to the behavior is a golden nugget. Thank you.
SaVita Brooks
Information overload
SaVita Brooks
Adding value & consistency.
S Martin
Question: I’m the owner of a B2B and over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not willing to cold call. I’ve tried to convince myself that I can because I should. But I don’t. Contemplating hiring a sales person. How do I find one willing to be a hunter? I can be the “shooter” and close the sale once he/she identifies a good prospect. How do you find the right person?
Ken Countess
In Asia, particularly Japan, facial hair was considered to be a sign that you are hiding something. (By hiding behind the hair.)
Ken Countess
Haven't been there in 20 years, so do not know about today.
Ken Countess
Nice presentation, Eric!
Claudia Cort
Thank you Eric for a very informative session!
Joseph Simmons
Driver, Expressive, Analytical, Amiable is how I use DISC
Ken Countess
I liked getting the price objection out of the way
SaVita Brooks
Biggest takeaway. Go for the no's & calling you for a conversation.
SaVita Brooks
Understanding the psychology part of this is something new & refreshing
SaVita Brooks
I don't want this to end, this is juicy!!!
SaVita Brooks
Thank you soooo much for this.